Proposal Writer:  Kelsey Waros, Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

Transportation and Tourism

​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples

In the summer of 2017, Kelsey developed a sustainable tourism program and an internship opportunity for GSPIA students.  While maintaining responsible and sustainable tourism practices, she created a framework for the program that will teach cultural competency through service-learning techniques and socioeconomic research.

Students will study the rich Ugandan culture and have real-life, on the ground experiences to discover what is truly feels like to study community and tradition.  The sustainable and responsible tourism framework revolves around making a positive impact, or in some cases, as little of an impact on the society you are touring in order to respect local culture.  In order to  maintain the integrity of the local culture, the program also aims to generate employment for local people.

Consistent with service-learning practices, students will assist the community with local projects in addition to experiencing all that Uganda has to offer.  In the future, we wish to open this internship to students studying international development, environmental sustainability, community development, and all who meet the internship qualifications and wish to study in Uganda!

More information about our timeline and proposal process can be found within the African Studies department at the University of Pittsburgh.

Transportation and Tourism