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A Message from We Empower Founder and Owner, Mariah Fosnight

About We Empower


"I am passionate about empowering women by providing them with financial resources and entrepreneurial training, so they can become independent, productive, and proud members of their communities. It is important to empower young generations because they are our future. Therefore, I support child sponsorship programs so boys and girls have access to a quality education.

30% of profit will be donated directly to ASA Social Fund For Hidden Peoples to support these activities managed by its partner organizations Bright Kids Uganda and CERESAV."

Original EMPOWER design. This practical feminist tote bag is available in three sizes and makes the perfect carry-on bag or personal item, beach bag, and everyday tote bag. Sits well on top of luggage. Made from reliable materials, so your EMPOWER statement lasts.  Shop here.

The EMPOWER brand was created in October 2017 for a fundraising campaign to expand a microfinance program in Northern Uganda that provides small cash loans to vulnerable female entrepreneurs. The initial fundraiser sold tees and sweatshirts for two weeks online, and in the end, donated $527 to ASA Social Fund For Hidden Peoples, a non-profit organization that provides funding to international non-governmental organizations ensuring vulnerable populations have access to work, health, and education.Type your paragraph here.

​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples