​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples

Our Team

Madeline Greenlick

Program Development Manager
Madeline has worked for a variety of international and domestic non profit organizations. Her professional experience includes work in the areas of development, and program and financial management.

Abigail Salisbury
ASA Legal Advisor

Specializes in non-profit law and has a law practice in Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Bok-gyo Jeong
ASA Deputy Chair

Assistant Professor at

Kean University, NJ

​Dr. Louis A. Picard
President of ASA

Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

John Michals
ASA Special Projects

Special education teacher, Fairfax School System, Fairfax, VA

Past Interns and Volunteers

Current Interns and Volunteers

Staff Members

​Pauline Greenlick
ASA Treasurer

Adjunct Faculty at Carlow University, supervises special education student teachers, Pittsburgh,  PA.

Shutong Zhang,  2017
Tongyu Yi,  2017
Kelsey Waros, 2017

Mahao Mahao, 2017

Brittany Cheeks, 2016
Qianwei  Zhang, 2016

Andrew Eschrich, 2016
Emily M. Francis, 2016
Mariah Fosnight, 2016

Philip Steinberg, 2016

Nick Langston, 2016

Abe Kim

Laura Barry

Elise deSantos

Lindsey Angelo

​Vincent Thomas

​Kristen Frye-Walker

Maria Cruz

Tim Lessick

Simone Vecchio

Allie Wist

Lei Liu

​Rachael Long

Ashley Beckett

Tim Lessick 

Allie West

Mariah Fosnight
ASA Microfinance Development, Training, Monitoring, and Evaluation Consultant

MBA-MID joint degree student at Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and the Graduate School for Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). Currently a Special Projects Intern at The Pittsburgh Foundation. Previously worked in the insurance industry recruiting and supporting small business owners in the Pittsburgh region.

Executive Board Members

Kelsey Waros

Sustainable Tourism Voulnteer

MID student at GSPIA.  In Uganda, Kelsey developed a sustainable tourism program for Bright Kids Uganda. I will be incorporating service learning aspects during the program, helping students to understand what it is like to experience Ugandan culture and community on a local level. In accomplishing this, students will have a well-rounded experience in what it means to study global perspective.

Nicholas Gregory Langston
ASA Special Projects:  Education

Master's Degree student at the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.  Previously a Peace Corps volunteer in Rwanda, worked as an intern in a Pittsburgh, PA refugee re-settlement program.

Hannah Greenlick-Michals
ASA Secretary

Surgical Airway and Tracheostomy, Professional Practice Specialist at the Children's National Medical Center, Washington D.C.

Kihwan Kim, Ph.D., MBA
ASA Special Projects: Social Enterprise Development

Dr. Kihwan Kim is  currently working as an assistant professor in management at Kean University in New Jersey.
 Before moving to New Jersey, he taught social entrepreneurship courses and mentored a Social Business Club, Enactus, in Iowa​.