​​​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples 

What causes do we support?

​The ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples supports Ugandan non-profit organizations that provide financial assistance to vulnerable and fragile children and adults who are impacted by extreme poverty, civil strife, abandonment and physical disabilities.  We keep ongoing relationships with the Ugandans we work with on the ground. The organizations we currently support are:

  • Bright Kids Uganda  - a home for orphaned and abandoned children
  • United Against Gender Violence - The Blessed Survivors - supporting gender violence survivors who have been emotionally and/or physically disfigured and scarred
  • The Great Kings and Queens Children's Center - a home and school for former street children and those impacted by extreme poverty
  • Advocates for Children with Disabilities - Noah's Ark Special Needs School
  • Barlonyo Adopt-a-Village 

Visit the 'Who We Support' page to learn more about each of these organizations.

Our Vision

Combining social entrepreneurialism with philanthropy, in order to provide support for income generation

Ensure all people have the right to access to work

Provide access to health and education

Ensure all have reclaimed basic human rights and are entitled to human security

Our Cause

Our History

The ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples was founded by Dr. Louis Picard and Pauline Greenlick.  Dr. Picard has been actively involved in African issues since 1965 and has continued his involvement in Africa to the present day.  His work in Uganda began while he was assigned to Uganda as a Peace Corps volunteer.  At that time his friendship with the late Honorable Manuel Pinto began when they were both teachers at the Aga Khan Secondary School in Masaka. Throughout the decades they continued their friendship until Pinto’s untimely death in 2008.  Dr. Picard became aware of Pinto’s involvement in Bright Kids Uganda Children’s home, as Co-Founder along with Victoria Nalongo Namusisi. At that time, with his desire to keep his long time friend’s spirit alive, Picard became interested in supporting the children’s home.

In 2008,  Dr. Picard, along with his wife Pauline Greenlick, visited Bright Kids Uganda Children’s Home, located in the Entebbe area. It was at this point they made a decision to support the vision and mission of Victoria Nalongo Namusisi, the Director of the home. Initially, they were active in the Bright Kids Uganda USA non-profit, providing support in educational, medical and sustainable project needs of the home. In 2015 they wanted to reach out to several additional organizations closely associated with Bright Kids Uganda and they decided to establish the ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples, a non-profit organization in the USA.  Through this USA based non-profit, Picard and Greenlick continue to support Bright Kids Uganda Children’s Home.  In addition, the ASA Social Fund currently supports three other Uganda based organizations: The Great Kings and Queens Children Centre founded by Bugembe Medi who is a Bright Kids Uganda graduate and now is Director of his own children home and school; United Against Gender Violence/The Blessed Survivors, providing love and support to those impacted  by acid attacks and gender violence; and ACD, Advocates for Children with Disabilities, a parent group composed of parents who have children with disabilities and meet at Bright Kids monthly coordinated by a Bright Kids staff member.