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Noah's Ark Training Center History

The Advocates for Children with Disabilities (ACD) is a Uganda organization founded in 2013.  The organization began with a small group of parents who were seeking support and advice for providing support for their children who have severe disabilities. First beginning with seven families, they have now grown to over eighty families.

Parents along with their children, meet at Bright Kids Uganda once a month under the guidance of BKU coordinator and Noah's Ark Director, Angel Nakato.  Parents gather to seek emotional support, share information, and provide medical and educational advice for each other children's  home in Entebbe, Uganda 

In September of 2015, the Advocates for Children with Disabilities developed a program to create Noah's Ark Hands on Training Center with Angel Nalongo Nekato as director.

Advocates for Children with Disabilities & Noah's Ark School for Special Needs is a facility located in Entebbe, Uganda.

The mission of Advocated for Children with Disabilities is to provide emotional, medical and educational support to severely disabled children and their families.

The Noah’s Ark Hands on Training Center is a Children’s Home and Learning Center located near Entebbe, Uganda. It is home to 42 children ages 3-24 with physical  or intellectual disabilities.  Noah’s Ark, where the motto is, “Disability is not  Inability,” seeks to utilize resources efficiently to build the capability of the many children it serves by developing a trifecta of the children’s social, academic, and occupational skills in order to transform them into productive members of society.

About Noah's Ark Training Center

Noah's Ark Training Center

​•  Providing equipment, medicine, standers, leg braces, and medical supplies

•  Providing funds for accessible related facilities and devices - such as handicapped accessible latrines, ramps, etc

•  Providing information on special needs issues beneficial for parents and providers

•  Creating an educational fund

•  Supporting the Noah's Ark School through school supplies, scholarships and school sponsors

How ASA Supports Noah's Ark