Andrea Gruber, Lou Picard, and Susanne L. Cole

Dr. Picard, Andrea Gruber, & Susanne Cole 

No Bad Kids History

Since 1832, Pressley Ridge, a non-profit organization serving disadvantaged kids and their families, has understood that all children can change and grow and that all families can use support. Pressley Ridge serves children and families annually through various programs and services in communities in six states.

Pressley Ridge set up an organization in Hungary to serve as its Central- and East European center of operations in 2004. In the past 13 years the organization has grown into a well-established non-profit with 10 staff people. 

In June 2017, Pressley Ridge transferred its rights as the founder of the Pressley Ridge Hungary Foundation. The transfer allows the Hungarian organization to continue to provide the same services to troubled and troubling children and youth and their families in the Central- and East European region that were developed by Pressley Ridge, under the new name No Bad Kids.

How ASA Supports No Bad Kids

​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples

No Bad Kids

About No Bad Kids

ASA Social Fund will support the efforts of No Bad Kids with fundraising and advocacy activities with special attention to the Roma population it serves.

To learn how you can support No Bad Kids, please visit:

No Bad Kids offers direct services to kids with serious behavior issues, to provide methodology training to professionals working with such youths, and to work with existing schools and other agencies on institutional development to improve their structures to better serve traumatized kids. No Bad Kids is also in the process of developing #RoadON, a social entrepreneurship program, to provide first work experience and equip youths graduating from its programs with employment related skills.

No Bad Kids believes in long-term solutions, to innovatively handle the problem:

  • Building on the strengths of young people to achieve durable results in the area of ​​behavioral change.
  • The management at all levels, working in partnership with young people as well.
  • The remodeling of view, the problem is treated in its own right in helping children suffering from behavioral problems, their families.
  • Considered professionals working directly for the main intervention with the children; continuous professional training, consultation, super- vision, follow-up and support them.