AFTER:  Toilets made for children with disabilities.

​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples

Water Sanitation

The current location is in need of updating to become more safe, sanitary, and sustainable. Water Security at Noah’s Ark is a constant challenge; the center currently accesses water through two taps but consistent access to water is a struggle due to high water bills and shortages, forcing a reliance on unsafe water from Lake Victoria for cooking, washing and cleaning. A second challenge is safety around pooled water at Noah’s Ark, specifically during rainy seasons. Noah’s Ark recently experienced its first rainy season and quickly learned that when the heavy rains descend, flooding becomes a hazard within the compound. The hazard created by the collected water poses a dangerous risk to the safety of children since their disabilities elevate their risk of harm or drowning, especially since the height of flooding can reach 15 cm or roughly 6 inches.

Noah’s Ark seeks to provide a safe learning environment for the children it serves through the creation and implementation of innovative solutions. Therefore, the organization, in alignment with its history of turning challenges into assets, hopes to collect the excess floodwaters in order to provide a clean source of drinking water, decrease flooding, and decrease reliance on billed water through the installation of two 1000 L collection tanks at the cost of 620 USD or 2,079,000 UGX, supported by this proposal.

The primary goals of this project are to increase safety and improve access to clean water but the increased focus on water and sanitation will allow a continued emphasis on the importance of hygiene. The implementation of the new systems and resultant improvement for the living conditions of children and staff are part of a broader plan to address the health of Noah’s Ark children through infrastructural support for self-care lessons including bathing, brushing teeth, or washing dishes. The health benefits of completing this system are not limited to improved sanitation and hygiene-driven programs such as the newly donated handwashing station; the system has the potential to reduce the incidence and prevalence of mosquito-borne and other disease surrounding the center. This impact spans beyond the health of the children and staff to benefit the larger community.

The support of this proposal will mean the consistent access to safe water and a secure learning environment for the children of Noah’s Ark. Thank you for your time and consideration.