The Highly Blessed Supermarket project aims to improve the operation and management, and ensure the sustainability of income generation of Bright Kids Uganda.

This project focuses on four major areas: the type of commodities, operation expenses, management, and marketing.  By expanding and improving the supermarket's purchasing system would increase the variety of commodities.  One major expense for the supermarket are damages,  thus it is essential that we set a special promotional price for our nearly expired items, and adjust stocks and selling strategies based on selling records.

The following four actions are used to improve the management:

•  Rebuild the management structure

•  Motivate and improve the skills of the operator

•  Improve the bookkeeping method

•  Make a financial plan for the mini-supermarket every year

In addition, the actions below will improve the overall function:

•  Set competitive prices

•  Make an appropriate promotion plan

•  Improve decoration, advertising and branding to make the store more competitive

Long Term Goals:

•  Transform the mini-supermarket into a combination grocery store, souvenir shop, and food stand.

With all these efforts, we intend to make enough profit to generate funds for Bright Kids Uganda enterprises and to finance the continued growth of the mini-supermarket.

​Read the Full Business Plan

Highly Blessed Supermarket Current Business Plan

Proposal Writer:  Qianwei "Clare" Zhang  , Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

BKU Highly Blessed Supermarket

Highly Blessed Supermarket

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