​​​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples 

Letter for Funding

​ORganization: The Great Kings and Queens Children's Centre (GKQCC)

Proposal Writer: Nick LAngston, Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

The following is a letter written by Graduate Intern Nick Langston after spending

a summer with Medi Bugembe, the director of GKQCC, an organization that lifts

Ugandan street kids out of poverty by providing education, and a home.

I’d like to ask for your help to save a remarkable institution from

collapse. I have spent the summer working at The Great Kings and

Queens Children’s Center, a primary school and home for street

children located in a rural community outside of Kampala, Uganda.

War, HIV/AIDS, starvation, abuse and murder are just some of the

factors that orphan children and force them to the streets in Uganda.

Most of them end up in Katwe, one of the most notorious slums in East

Africa. In Katwe, families suffer grossly iniquitous living conditions on par with any of the worst in the world. Sewage flows openly in gutters and through people’s homes. Only the shoddiest infrastructure exists, and garbage is left to heap everywhere. People starve and die on less than a dollar per week in Katwe, and street children there fare the worst. None of them arrive by choice, and yet they are perceived otherwise. They hide in sewage tunnels at night, fearing local security guards who will club them to death for “being found,” It is a crime that goes unpunished because of what street children represent: a cancer on society...

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