​​​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples 

Bugembe Medi was a former street child rescued by Victoria Namusisi and lived at Bright Kids Uganda. After leaving Bright Kids at the age of 18, he founded and is now the Director of his own children's home and school, The Great Kings and Queens Children's Centre.

Currently, Medi provides support for 467 children, ages five thru thirteen.  Many of the children have been impacted by extreme poverty, were former street children or are from families who are so poor that they cannot support them.  He provides them with an education within the center, as well as housing for those who have no place to call home.

ASA Social Fund  for Hidden Peoples provides support for The Great Kings and Queens Children's Centre by:

Developing a basic needs fund to provide food, clothing, bedding, medical and school supplies.

Creating a scholarship fund for Secondary Education for top graduates.

Providing training support for staff and volunteers.

Seeking land purchase for future vocational school.

The Great Kings and Queens Children's Centre