"Under the Umbrella Tree"

A shortened version of the film showcasing a University of Pittsburgh professor, Dr. Louis Picard.

27 minutes

Jambo, Maxi's Kids!
October 12, 2017, E. Maxine Bruhns, University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms Director, invited her friends to say “Jambo” and send a video greeting to the 10 Bright Kids Uganda children Maxine is supporting. 

18 minutes


Connie Amongi tells her story of what her life was like during the LRA, Joseph Kony, Civil War in Northern Uganda.  Her parents were killed by the LRA rebels. In 2008, she was rescued by Victoria Nalongo Namusisi who is the Director of Bright Kids Uganda Children's Home (BKU).  At BKU Connie was provided shelter, clothing, food and most important an education. She is now a successful university student majoring in agriculture studies. She is very grateful for the educational support she has and still is receiving so she can continue her studies.

4 minutes

"The Most Important Number is One" 

A film about a young man, Ronald, who was rescued by Bright Kids Uganda during the Joseph Kony Lord's Resistance Civil War in Northern Uganda.  He survived but his family was murdered by the rebels.  He returned back to the northern part of Uganda to visit his surviving extended family, and most importantly, to visit his mother's grave.

37 minutes

"Ronald's Story"

Ronald Kasozi, Bright Kids Uganda student, tells his story how Victoria Nalongo Namusisi took him into her Bright Kids Uganda Children’s Home to give him a better life.  He was born in the Sazi Islands, Lake Victoria. Most of his family has died from AIDS and his brothers and sisters are living with HIV/AIDS. Victoria rescued him and provided him with an education, shelter, food, clothing and support.  He now tells his story of gratitude to BKU for his education.  He will graduate from Pharmacy School and wants to pursue his studies to find a cure for AIDS. 

4 minutes

​"Under the Umbrella Tree"

A film about an amazing Uganda woman, Victoria Nalongo Namusisi. She is the co-founder and director of a children's home "Bright Kids Uganda" located in Entebbe.  This video, filmed in Uganda, profiles her life from poverty, to journalist, and then political life. In 2000, she witnessed the atrocities of the Joseph Kony War, extreme poverty, and the effects of HIV/AIds on thousands of Uganda children. She opened her home to these children and has saved hundreds of lives providing them with shelter, food, clothing, education and most of all love.

1 hour 17 minutes

"Living Beyond the Violence"

A short film about gender violence (acid attack) survivors and micro loans.

12 minutes

"Bright Kids Uganda"

A short film for elementary and primary aged children.

8 minutes

ASA Films

"Maxi's Kids"

This film is a thank you to E. Maxine Bruhns, Director of Nationality Rooms Program at the University of Pittsburgh.  In the film, the ten children she is providing educational funds extend their thanks to Maxine.

18 minutes

​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples