Featured Capital Campaigns

The Highly Blessed Supermarket project aims at improving the operation and management, and ensures the sustainability of income generation of Bright Kids Uganda. This project focuses on four major areas: type of commodities, operation expenses, management, and marketing.

Bright Kids Uganda:  Clean Water Project

    Funding Goal: $3,000

In order to be able to provide for the clean water needs for all of BKU's water needs, BKU wishes to purchase and install additional rain harvesting tanks.  The purchase and installation of additional rain harvesting tanks will not only decrease the water bills, but also allow BKU to become more sustainable, and ensure there is sufficient clean water access for all at BKU.

BKU has the resources to support volunteer and tourist accommodations in the form of a Bed and Breakfast.  Such a project would be extremely profitable for BKU and help achieve their long-term goal of sustainability.  However, several changes and improvements are required before a successful bed & breakfast could be launched.  

Great Kings and Queens Children's Centre

    Funding Goal: $2,000

Check the ASA Social Fund for Hidden People Facebook page weekly for updated information on project development and fundraising activities.

    Funding Goal: $10,000

Great Kings and Queens Children’s Centre is in immediate need for funds to purchase the land that is currently being rented.

Bright Kids Uganda:  Highly Blessed Supermarket

​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples

Bright Kids Uganda:  Bed and Breakfast