Blessed Survivors

Blessed Survivors Micro Loan Project

 Blessed Survivors is a group of acid attack survivors who were victims of gender violence.  It was formed in 2015 to support the survivors by providing them access to micro loans.  Starting with five survivors, the group has now over twenty members and growing.

Many have their own private businesses selling dry goods, food  and drinks in small shops. Some raise and sell poultry, others work as tailors, a few make and sell Uganda crafts, others sell charcoal and hardware, and others sell second hand clothing. 

Survivors have consistently paid back their loans and are now able to take out additional loans to expand their businesses.  Survivors are now able to support their families, their children's school fees and provide for their families basic needs. ​

Blessed Survivors Micro Loan Project is supported by the Warren Ohio Rotary Club.   Check Current Capital Campaigns and our Facebook page for future updates.

CERESAV also supports Blessed Survivors.

​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples