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BKU Bed & Breakfast Business Plan

​ORganization: Bright Kids Uganda

Proposal Writer: Andrew Eschrich, Undergraduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

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Above is the first page of the lunch & dinner menu developed by Andrew during his internship (page 2 and page 3).  The breakfast menu is also available.

Grant Proposal Executive Summary

Bright Kids Uganda (BKU) is a children’s home that houses, supports, and provides education to over 100 orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children.  The children BKU support range from ages 1-20. The home is located in the village of Nalugala near Entebbe, Uganda.  Currently BKU faces many expenditures in order to support the many children the organization has taken in.  A main goal of BKU is to increase self-sufficiency, and decrease reliance on donor funds.  Ultimately, BKU would like to reach full sustainability with minimal support from donors.

In order to achieve this goal of sustainability, BKU has implemented a number of income generating projects in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry, retail supermarket, craft making, and microfinancing.  Despite these projects’ successes, gaps in funding continue to exist which create a barrier to achieving full sustainability. Large expenditures arise from school fees, employee wages, food costs, medical expenses, electric bills, water bills, transportation costs, and maintenance of facilities.

Currently, BKU has the resources to support volunteer and tourist accommodations in the form of a bed & breakfast.  Such a project would be extremely profitable for BKU and help to achieve the organizational goal of sustainability.  However, several improvements and procedural changes will need to occur before a successful bed & breakfast could be launched.  In order to make these changes and implement a profitable bed & breakfast, BKU requests $2601.54 from donors.