​​​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples 

Action in Uganda

ASA proudly supports projects with our partner organizations, developed by volunteers and interns who dedicate their time and talent to seeing these projects get off the ground. Visit out sub-pages to learn more about these proposals and projects, and check back for updates on their progress! 

To donate to any one of these projects, simply click the 'donate' button above, and specify in the message section which project you'd like to support. Payments are made via Paypal.

Meet the Interns!

Brittany Cheeks

Brittany obtained a bachelors degree from The Pennsylvania State University in

Spanish and a minor in International studies.  After graduation, she took a few

months and traveld throughout central and south America.  Shortly after, she went

to Haiti to work with earthquake victims.  She is currently pursuing a double

masters degree in Social Work and International Development from the University

of Pittsburgh .  She has worked with community engagement and organizing,

education equality, and international development.

Andrew Eschrich

Andrew is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration. 

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a

concentration in Human Resource Management and a minor in Public Service.  Furthermore,

Andrew hopes to complete certificate programs in both African Studies  and Non-Profit

Management. Andrew sits on the board as the business manager of Keep  It Real, a student

operated tutoring organization serving children and their families in the Somali-Bantu refugee

population in the Pittsburgh area.  With a love of traveling and a passion for public service,

Andrew hopes to join the Peace Corps upon graduation before pursuing a Master’s in

International Relations someday in the future. 

​Nick Langston

Nick is a native of Illinois and studied philosophy and music in undergraduate

school. He joined the Peace Corps in 2010 and served as an Education Volunteer

in rural Rwanda where he taught secondary school English. He also created a

nation-wide judges and court staff English training program in cooperation with

the Ministry of Justice. After closing his service, he moved to Japan where he

taught English as an Assistant Language Teacher for the JET Programme. He’s

now pursuing a Master of International Development at the Graduate School for

Public and International Affairs focusing on NGO management and project

design/management. Nick serves on the Board of Directors for the ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples and spent the summer of 2016 working at the Great Kings and Queens Children’s Center, helping its director, Medi Bugambe build capacity and develop a strategic plan. Currently he’s designing a sponsorship program for the school to help stabilize income and sustain growth. 

​Mariah Fosnight

​Qianwei "Clare" Zhang

​(third from the left)

Phillip Steinberg

Emily Francis