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ASA Enterprises Gift Shop:
A special selection of ASA Social Fund memorabilia including books, DVD's, CD's and other merchandise for your enjoyment and to share with family and friends.

Our Etsy Store- Bright Kids Enterprise:
Featuring handmade African crafts and vintage African collectibles. Shop for beautiful sisal baskets, hand carved wood figures, masks, jewelry and many other unique items. We import from disadvantaged Ugandans and support micro-loans through the sales of our products. This shop also supports and purchases from craft cooperatives in South Africa and Ghana. Our handmade crafts are sourced from all parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our eBay Stores - ASA Enterprises and Bright Kids Enterprises:
Our ASA Enterprises eBay store focuses on historical collector's items of all kinds - including stamps, coins, international currency and many other items of historical interest.
Shop for African collectibles, coins and unique souvenir items from all over the world.

The Bright Kids Enterprises eBay store features a selection of antiquarian and collectible books. Particular attention is given to academic and social science texts, as well as, first editions of both fiction a non-fiction.

Our Half.com store:
At half.com, ASA and Bright Kids Enterprises provides a full service used book store with a vast selection of both fiction and non-fiction items. We specialize in supplementary textbooks, government documents and books on health and cooking. We have a large children's collection, as well as, audio books, DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes.

If you have any questions regarding the ASA Enterprises stores or would like to donate items to be sold by ASA Enterprises please contact: Alisha Chaffey at chaffeyalisha@gmail.com