Your gift in honor of Dr. Picard's lifelong work will go towards supporting the needs of vulnerable youth and adults

A Message from ASA Board Chair, Lindsay Angelo

I would like to contribute $75 in celebration of Dr. Picard's 75th birthday

Since the ASA Social Fund was founded by Dr. Louis Picard and Pauline Greenlick in 2015, it’s leadership team has been hard at work supporting marginalized and hidden people groups in Uganda. For each of us here at ASA, this mission is one that is close to our hearts. But truthfully, this organization began through a culmination of efforts long before 2015. After all, it is difficult to truly find and know hidden people unless you’ve spent your life working alongside them, and we have Dr. Picard’s life work to remind us. And with the fast approach of his 75th birthday, I want to take a moment to reflect on just that.

 Dr. Picard first visited Africa (Uganda) 52 years ago on January 2, 1966, as a newly minted Peace Corps Volunteer.  He was stationed for three years in Masaka, Uganda. At that time, he developed a friendship with the late Honorable Manuel Pinto while both were teaching colleagues. For decades they continued their friendship until Pinto’s untimely death in 2008. Since 1966, Dr. Picard has worked in and studied Africa, ultimately working in 41 countries all over the continent.

 Dr. Picard was aware of Manuel Pinto’s involvement in Bright Kids Uganda Children’s Home (BKU), as its co-founder along with Victoria Nalongo Namusisi. At that time, with his desire to keep his long-time friend’s spirit alive, Dr. Picard became interested in supporting the children’s home and its various projects. This year marks 10 years since Dr. Picard first visited BKU and committed to supporting the BKU mission alongside Ms. Namusisi. Since then, Dr. Picard has facilitated dozens of graduate-level internships at BKU, tens of thousands of dollars of grant and donor funds for projects, and increased visibility and dignity of many Ugandan children that the world had largely given up on. Through the ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples he has also supported sustainability activities targeted at homeless children (Katwe Slums) and survivors of Gender Violence and conflict (CERESAV and Barlonyo).

I would like to contribute another amount

I would like to contribute $52 in memory of Dr. Picard's 52 years working in Uganda

​​​​ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples

I would like to contribute $10 in honor of Dr. Picard's 10 years working with BKU

 Dr. Picard is turning 75 on May 18, 2018, which brings me to our request: In theme with his life, would you consider supporting ASA’s mission with a gift of $10 in memory of 10 years at BKU, $52 in memory of his first trip to Africa, $75 in celebration of his birthday, or the amount that matches the number of years you have known him? You may donate online at the link or via check sent to the mailing address below. Any gift size has an impact and would go directly to the ASA Development Fund which ASA uses to support our activities in Uganda and specifically to support emergency needs or self-sustaining capital projects that arise.

 Dr. Picard’s vision to support vulnerable people through their own self-sustaining projects and skills has kindled hope in the lives of so many of our friends across the ocean in East Africa. We truly appreciate your consideration of giving to ASA Social Fund. We are humbled by the support of so many.